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Lewco Whole Large Turkey (approx 6 – 7 Kg)


Looking to make your holiday feasts truly special? Consider the Lewco Whole Larg Turkey! It’s not just big and delicious; it’s also kosher certified. You can easily order it from us for delivery anywhere across the UK.

Tender and Juicy: Our kosher turkeys are raised with care, ensuring that the meat is not only tender but also bursting with flavor. Every bite of this tasty turkey is a delight.

Versatile: Whether you’re celebrating Chanukah, hosting a family get-together, or marking a special occasion, the Lewco Whole Large Turkey is an excellent choice. Roast it, season it, and stuff it to create a fantastic centerpiece.

High-Quality and Kosher: Lewco is committed to providing top-quality kosher products. Our kosher certification guarantees that this turkey meets the highest standards of kashrut.

Easy Cooking: Cooking this kosher turkey is a breeze. Just follow our straightforward instructions, and you’ll have a perfectly roasted turkey to impress your guests.

Family Tradition: Lewco has a rich history of offering excellent kosher poultry products. The Whole Large Turkey continues this tradition, ensuring your family enjoys a memorable and kosher meal.

Great for Leftovers: Not only will you relish the main meal, but you’ll also have plenty of leftovers. Whip up sandwiches, soups, and more with the extra meat.

Make your holiday feast unforgettable with the Lewco Whole Large Kosher Turkey. Order it from Sabeny for delivery anywhere in the UK and savor a delicious and meal with your loved ones.

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