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Shabbat Premium Box for Two


Indulge in the finest Shabbat experience with our Shabbat Deluxe Box for Two. This premium package includes an array of delectable dishes and essential items, perfect for a complete and sumptuous Shabbat set of meals,  ensures you and your partner can celebrate with de;icious food, ease and comfort.

Included in the Package:

2 Shabbat Candles (Tealights): Essential for welcoming Shabbat with light and warmth.
6 x Challa Rolls: Soft, fluffy challa rolls, perfect for blessings and enjoyment.
Grape Juice: High-quality grape juice, perfect for Kiddush and celebrating Shabbat.
2 x Poached Salmon: Fresh, tender salmon poached to perfection, offering a delicate and flavorful start.
2 x Stuffed Carp: A traditional and savory stuffed carp, rich in taste and tradition.
Hummus: Creamy and smooth hummus, perfect for dipping or as a side.
Chrayne: Classic horseradish condiment to add a zesty kick to your dishes.
Chicken Soup: Hearty and comforting chicken soup, filled with rich flavors.
Matzah Balls: Light and fluffy matzah balls, the ideal addition to your chicken soup.
Lokshen (Noodles): Soft, savory noodles to complement your soup.
Arbes (Chickpeas): Nutritious and flavorful chickpeas, a traditional side.
2 x Roast Chicken: Juicy and tender roast chicken, seasoned to perfection.
2 x Schnitzels: Crispy and golden-brown chicken schnitzel, a delightful main course.
Potato Kugel: Classic potato kugel, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
Apple Kugel: Sweet apple kugel, a delightful and comforting dish.
Lokshen Kugel: A sweet noodle kugel that adds a touch of tradition to your meal.
Egg (Mashed): Lightly mashed eggs, perfect as a side or spread for your Shabbat lunch.
Chopped Liver: Rich and smooth chopped liver, a traditional favorite.
Galaretta: A classic dish of savory aspic, perfect for adding variety.
Cholent: A hearty, slow-cooked stew, ideal for Shabbat lunch.
Coleslaw Salad: Crisp and refreshing coleslaw to add a fresh crunch.
Potato Salad: Creamy and savory potato salad, a perfect side dish.
Roast Potatoes: Golden and crispy roast potatoes, seasoned to perfection.
Farfel: Small, toasted pasta that adds unique texture and flavor.
Paper Plates: Convenient and easy for serving.
Plastic Bowls: Sturdy and practical for soups and salads.
Plastic Cutlery: Durable cutlery for a hassle-free meal.
Paper Cups: Practical cups for beverages.

Celebrate Shabbat in style with the Shabbat Deluxe Box for Two, providing everything you need for a complete, delicious, and traditional Shabbat meal. Perfect for intimate gatherings and ensuring a memorable Shabbat experience.

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