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Shabbat Classic Box for Two


Experience the tradition and warmth of Shabbat with our carefully curated Shabbat Box Package to ensure a delicious and meaningful Friday night and Shabbat day meal for you and your partner.

Included in the Package:

2 x Poached Salmon: Delicately cooked to perfection, our poached salmon offers a light and flavorful start to your Shabbat meal.
2 x Slices Gefilte Fish: Traditional gefilte fish slices, paired with a side of chrayne for that perfect tangy kick.
Chrayne: A classic horseradish condiment to complement your gefilte fish.
Chicken Soup: Rich and hearty chicken soup, brimming with flavor and warmth.
Matzah Balls: Fluffy matzah balls, the perfect addition to your chicken soup.
Lokshen (Noodles): Soft and savory noodles to enjoy with your soup.
2 x Roast Chicken: Tender and juicy roast chicken, seasoned to perfection.
Potato Kugel: A savory kugel made with finely grated potatoes, baked to a golden crisp.
Lokshen Kugel: A sweet and comforting noodle kugel that balances your meal.
Egg (Mashed): Lightly mashed eggs, perfect as a side or spread for Shabbat lunch.
Cholent: A hearty and traditional slow-cooked stew, perfect for Shabbat lunch.
Coleslaw Salad: Crisp and refreshing coleslaw to add a fresh crunch to your meal.
Farfel: Small, toasted pasta that adds a unique texture to your dishes.
6 x Challa Rolls: Soft and fluffy challa rolls, perfect for making blessings and enjoying with your meal.
Grape Juice: A 1 litre bottle of high-quality grape juice, ideal for Kiddush and celebrating Shabbat.

This Shabbat Box Package brings together all the traditional favorites, making it easy for you to enjoy a complete and delicious Shabbat meal without the hassle of preparation.

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