Women of Valor Shabbat Candlesticks in Gold


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The candlesticks join beauty and meaning based on the poem – ‘Woman of Valor’ (Proverbs 31) by King Solomon, incorporating the poem’s verses as the design concept. The poem is a testament to the strength of women, who trust in themselves and what they believe, fearless in their hearts, and compassionate in their souls. The biblical text receives a physical shape by the delicate use of the words and letters, celebrating our love of the written word with its unique aesthetic features.

A booklet interpreting the biblical story of the ‘Book of Ruth’ in modern language, emphasizing the role and power of women in this biblical story.
A card describing the item, the significance of the poem, the artist and the creation process.
The ‘Woman of Valor’ candlesticks
Fits standard tea lights only

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