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Ceramc Shabbat Salt & Pepper Shaker with Gold Accents


This ceramic “Marble” salt and pepper shaker with its sophisticated gold accents will elevate your Shabbat table with ease. The simplicity and beauty of these shakers make them the ideal addition to any kosher dining setting.

  • Elegant Style: Featuring a classic design and enticing gold accents, our Ceramic “Marble” Salt & Pepper Shaker exudes sophistication. Your Shabbat table will look effortlessly classier with its addition, adding even more significance to your meals.
  • Durable Quality: These shakers are made to last, precisely crafted, and are meant to withstand wear and tear over time. You may rely on their calibre to improve your mealtime routines for many years to come.
  • Accurate Seasoning: The screw-on tops make it simple to season food precisely. You can easily achieve the ideal flavour every time with these shakers, so stop over- or under-seasoning your food.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Searching for a gift that holds special value for a friend or relative? For those who appreciate both style and culture, these shakers are a considerate option. They constitute a thoughtful and well-chosen gift, whether they are given for a special occasion or simply to express appreciation.

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