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3 Cheese Kosher Platter


Discover the delightful simplicity of our 3 Cheese Kosher Platter. Perfect for intimate gatherings, casual snacking, or personal indulgence, this carefully curated selection of cheeses is a must-have for any cheese lover. Order now from Sabeny, the UK’s favorite online kosher delivery shop, and enjoy the pure pleasure of our 3 Cheese Kosher Platter!

Product Descriptions:

  1. Chevington Light Sliced Cheese: This cheese offers a mild, pleasant flavour, making it perfect for those who prefer a lighter option. Its smooth texture and subtle taste make it ideal for sandwiches, snacks, or as a topping for salads and other dishes.
  2. Chevington Double Gloucester Cheese: Known for its rich, buttery flavor and slightly firm texture, Double Gloucester is a classic choice. Its unique taste and creamy consistency make it a standout addition to any cheese board, perfect for slicing and pairing with your favorite accompaniments.
  3. Chevington Mature Cheddar Cheese Block: This cheese offers a robust, mature flavor that’s perfect for any occasion. Its sharp taste and firm texture make it ideal for slicing, snacking, or pairing with a variety of accompaniments.
  4. Cheese Board: Presented on a convenient small cheese board, this platter is perfect for a cosy gathering or personal enjoyment. The board adds a touch of elegance to your cheese presentation and is a functional keepsake for future use.

The 3 Cheese Kosher Platter is designed for those who appreciate quality and simplicity. Each cheese has been selected for its unique flavor and texture, ensuring a harmonious blend that is sure to delight your taste buds. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering, enjoying a quiet evening at home, or looking for a thoughtful gift, this platter is a perfect choice.

Order now from Sabeny, the UK’s favorite online kosher delivery shop, and experience the delightful flavors of our 3 Cheese Kosher Platter.

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