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Liebers Coconut Cream


396 Grams

Liebers Coconut Cream is a premium, kosher-certified product that brings a rich and creamy texture to a wide variety of traditional Jewish dishes. Perfect for adding an amazing rich flavour and texture to your favourite recipes.

Made from high-quality coconuts which makes our coconut cream thick, creamy, and packed with natural coconut goodness.

  • Rich and Creamy: Adds a smooth, creamy texture to your dishes.
  • Natural Ingredients: Made from the finest coconuts.
  • No Preservatives: Without artificial additives.
  • Kosher Certified.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Coconut Extract, Guar Gum (as a stabilizer), Water.

for allergens Read the ingredients.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening and use within a few days.

Why choose from Sabeny?

Here at Sabeny, we ensure our products maintain high-premium quality to deliver the best flavour and texture to your recipes. And here our kosher-certified Liebers Coconut Cream is made from the finest, high-quality coconuts, which makes it a premium product that delivers rich, creamy, and delicious results every time.

Cooking: Ideal for curries, soups, and sauces, you can use it in your Shabbat meals as it adds great flavour and creamy texture to your Shabbat stews and soups.

Baking: Perfect for cakes, pastries, and desserts,  Also for dairy-free desserts, as it is ideal for creating pareve desserts that you can enjoy after meat meals.

Beverages: great in smoothies, cocktails, and coffee.

Dairy Substitute: A delicious alternative for dairy-free recipes.

Holiday Baking: Adds great coconut flavour to pastries and cakes for Purim, Hanukkah, and other celebrations.

Order Liebers Coconut Cream and have it delivered to you all over the UK to experience its rich and creamy goodness.

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