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Tomor Soft Tub Margarine


250 Gram

Right from the fridge, Tomor Soft Tub Margarine has a smooth, creamy, and easy-to-spread texture. This dairy-free margarine made with high-premium ingredients is kosher-certified and ideal for all your cooking, baking, and daily needs. It boosts the taste and texture of your food.

  • Soft and Spreadable: Straight out of the fridge, this spreads easily.
  • Perfect for baking, cooking, and spreading.
  • Dairy-free: Ideal for people who are lactose intolerant and for parve recipes.
  • Certified Kosher product.
  • No trans fats: A healthier choice for your cooking requirements.
  • Rich In Vitamins.

Ingredients: Vegetable oil-Vegetable fats-Water-Salt-Flavour-Emulsifiers-Regulator of Acidity-Colour-Vitamin A-Vitamin D.

Store in the refrigerator. Use within a few weeks for best quality.

For allergens Read the ingredients.

Why choose this product from Sabeny?

There is no need for you to soften it – Tomor is always ready to spread on your favourite bread, challah, or rolls. also, it is rich in Vitamins and a perfect dairy-free diet product.


No trans fat Cholesterol free Low in saturated fat.

You can use Tomor Soft Tub Margarine to add a flavour to your celebrations as in Shabbat Meals to boost the flavour and texture of traditional dishes without dairy.

And in your Yom Tov Cooking, it is perfect for preparing festive pareve dishes. You can also use it in your everyday recipes as our kosher-certified product is ideal for spreading on bread, cooking, and baking.

Use in cooking to get a rich, creamy texture when frying, sautéing, and creating sauces. also in baking as it is a substitute for butter in cakes, cookies, and pastries for delicious pareve treats.

Discover the smooth, creamy texture and the rich flavour of our KLBD product Tomor Soft Tub Margarine today and improve your cooking and baking skills, Try it now.


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