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Rite Lite Complete Chanukah Set


Details: Menorah (7″L x 8″H), 1 box of 44 Blue/White Candles, 1 Dreidel (colors may vary), 1 bag of Chocolate Gelt, 1 Blessings Card

Find the best Chanukah needs box available in the UK for a happy holiday!

  • Celebrate Chanukah in style with a gorgeous, carefully chosen candle menorah that will provide warmth and tradition to your house.
    With a package of blue and white menorah candles, we’ve got you covered to make sure your Festival of Lights is spectacular.
  • Have fun with the traditional game of spinning the dreidel, which adds a new level of intensity to your Chanukah celebrations.
    And without gelt, what would Chanukah be? Your holiday is made sweeter with this adorable package of gelt Chanukah coins.
  • This comprehensive package contains everything you need, whether you’re treating yourself to the delights of Chanukah or searching for the ideal present. Don’t pass up this chance to welcome the spirit of Chanukah into your home.

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