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Just Baked 6 Hot Dog Rolls


Just Baked 6 Hot Dog Rolls is the perfect Jewish food to complement your favourite hot dogs with its soft and fluffy texture that holds up to all your favourite toppings for a perfect hot dog bite. Made with premium ingredients, it ensures an unforgettable hot dog sandwich.

  • It comes in a perfect-size pack of six, ideal for family meals, gatherings, and BBQs.
  • Baked to a beautiful golden colour for your perfect sandwich.
  •  Perfect for traditional hot dogs with your favourite toppings.
  • Quick Meals: Use for quick and easy meals at home or on the go.
  • Freshly Baked.

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, oil, egg-apple juice sugar-salt-yeast-sesame. For allergens Read the ingredients.

Why choose this product?

Fluffy, baked to a perfect golden colour and made with high-quality ingredients. Also adhering to kosher standards, this roll is your number-one choice when it comes to hot dogs.

The perfect kosher Just Baked 6 Hot Dog Rolls for a quick serve during family gatherings, summer BBQs, and picnics,

Enjoy a good BBQ with your friends and family with these tasty, fluffy just-baked six hot dog rolls; don’t miss them and order them now

and make your meals more delicious with our freshly baked rolls.



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